is a structural design office operating since 2008, and consisting of three design teams. Its core consists of four designers with unlimited authorizations, having several years of experience gained in over 800 projects. We specialize in the design and optimization of steel and reinforced concrete prefabricated structures. Our showcase is the design of a steel structure of the roof of the stadium in Gliwice with a total weight of 510 tons, the a distribution centre for a large chain of stores with an area of 70,000 sq. m, a steel structure of hall No. 16 COM40 with a usable area of 42,000 sq. m, shopping mall Tkalnia in Pabianice and Mercedes-Benz Witman showroom in Gdańsk. We strive to become a market leader by continuously improving the quality of projects.
We take care of our clients' money. Our goal is an optimal and sustainable design — one  hat allows the client to spend the minimum amount of money now and during the life of the building, while covering 3 important criteria: safety, durability and aesthetics.
We take care of our clients' time. We are flexible, which allows us to quickly prioritize and  adapt to the current situation.
With the full commitment of the entire team, we are able to meet urgent deadlines.
Our work doesn't end once a project is handed over. We respond quickly to any problems related to the implementation, and on request, we visit a construction site as part of author's supervision. We do not leave the Investor and the Contractor alone with the problems. We are not delaying construction with a lack of decisions.
Our solutions are Contractor-friendly: simple and affordable. This ensures that errors on site are minimized, safety is increased, and costs are reduced.
We have the experience in large and small projects, as well as well-trained and well- connected engineering staff.
We have professional software for calculations, numerical analysis and drawing in 3D environment, which significantly reduces errors caused by human factor.

We recognize the heavy responsibility that is placed upon us. That's why we always thoroughly review documentation before releasing it. When dealing with complex and unusual issues, we consult with specialists in the field.
In addition, we have liability insurance for a total amount of EUR 1,050,000.00.
We are committed to long-term cooperation. We know that a good reputation is earned over many years and is easily damaged in a short period of time. We make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with us.
We have not disappointed the trust of our Contractors, as evidenced by numerous
SAFETY — by designing in accordance with applicable standards
OPTIMIZATION — consisting in minimizing the costs of the entire investment while maintaining the necessary quality and durability of a structure.
SIMPLICITY — by standardizing solutions to reduce errors caused by the human factor to a minimum
QUALITY and COMPLETENESS OF A PROJECT — absolutely utmost: with clear drawings, comprehensive technical description and completely coordinated with other branches
FLEXIBILITY — taking into account the individual needs and suggestions of a Client
MODERNITY — motivating our team to continuous development and critical observation and application of emerging technical innovations in the market.
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