Check out the latest job openings and join our team.
The number of recruitment stages depends on the position we are recruiting for.
The first stage is always the same:

Stage 1 — Your application

Send us your CV. If there is no offer that interests you at this time, we encourage you to leave a spontaneous application.
When the hiring process begins, we will be able to return to it.

Stage 2 — Analysis of applications

During the analysis of the received applications we pay attention to competences, skills and experience required for a given post.

Stage 3 — Telephone call

We call people, whose applications interested us the most, to invite them to the next stage — a meeting.

Stage 4 — Meeting

We want to get to know you, and we give you the opportunity to get to know us.

Stage 5 — Offer and employment. Welcome in our team!

We are currently looking for:
Individuals with working experience in Advance Steel and/or Allplan Engineering environment.
If you are interested in working with our team, please send us your application to the following email address:
SAFETY — by designing in accordance with applicable standards
OPTIMIZATION — consisting in minimizing the costs of the entire investment while maintaining the necessary quality and durability of a structure.
SIMPLICITY — by standardizing solutions to reduce errors caused by the human factor to a minimum
QUALITY and COMPLETENESS OF A PROJECT — absolutely utmost: with clear drawings, comprehensive technical description and completely coordinated with other branches
FLEXIBILITY — taking into account the individual needs and suggestions of a Client
MODERNITY — motivating our team to continuous development and critical observation and application of emerging technical innovations in the market.
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